di R. Cavosi


Enzo Marangelo


Characters and Performers:
Giuliana Miceli - Francesca Pecoraro
Vannina Miceli - Anna Maria Giaquinto
Carlotta Miceli - Dora De Maio
Beatrice Miceli - Piera De Piano
Suor Rossana - Fortuna Montone


Text adaptation:
Renato Siniscalchi


Scenes and costumes:
Tina Loffredo


Lights and Sounds:
Massimo Caiafa


 Direction note:
Four alive women, but in special way departed. The dead’s woman gost, but alive in the memory of a pain recollection in an unmemory world; she was killed by an  amazing truth. The young brother is the sacrificial victim of the family, which is transformed in an evil microcosm by the Mafia gang. The smell of the oranges is the light heritage of a good nature on a Golden Valley, unknown by which, following the Mafia law, can only not-live.


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Enzo Marangelo