Alter Ego

Alter Ego
from a diary of Federica Palo
in collaborazione con la Compagnia Von Sacher-Masoch


Enzo Marangelo


Characters and Performers
Being 1 -  Federica Palo
Being 2 - Giusi Verrengia
Being 3 - Marina Amabile
Other Beings - Protuberances


Federica Palo


Set design
Michele Paolillo


Paola Bignardi


Lights and sound direction
Massimo Caiafa


Set direction
Luigi Grosso


Direction notes
A fixed space, guardian of self protuberances that rule over the lies of the body.  Protagonist of the drama is a doubled ego, deformed in response to existential traumas which culminate in a ritual that makes bearable to survive, as groping in maternal utero in which each of us is catapulted by pure chance, without any choice. Ubiquitous on the scene are the other beings, deformations and demons that can lodge in all of us.


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