Anime dello Spoon

Anime dello Spoon
from Spoon River Anthology of Edgar Lee Masters


Concept and Direction
Enzo Marangelo


Characters and performers
Arcibald Higbie - Marina Amabile
Dorcas Gustin - Pierluigi Toro
Harold Arnett - Nicola Palladino
La Signora Bliss - Fortuna Montone
Jonnie Syre - Francesco Diana
Paul Mc Neely - Sergio Saponara
Sarah Brown - Tiziana Maio
Edmund Pollard - Francesco Savastano
Dippold L'Ottico - Valentina Mastrangelo
Theodore Il Poeta - Gerardo Santaniello
Walter Simmons - Manuel Speziale


Lights and Sound Director
Massimo Caiafa


Set Director
Luigi Grosso

Direction notes
The Souls of the Spoon tell you after years of lapsing into nothing that has made them air, in body and in the word, and vibrating strings in the hardness of a stone. White, green, indigo souls : shrill sounds, whistling, writing on sharped or smooth or pointed rocks, for soul to scream, to be tangible, to have chipping tears and caressing laughters. Edgar Lee Masters published his masterpiece in 1915 at the gates of the global conflict and neo-realism. He builts a choral narration against hypocrisies and intrigues of puritan american society. These marginalized people return to us to bring dualism that lives in those who had overstepped hic et nunc but retaining their implacable essence. Buried along the river of their existence, they have washed away choked shame, betrayed ambititions, breathlessness disillusions, the inadequacy of the poet. But those stones echoes of a presence which, ultimately, in the process of metamorphosis that is perpetual and natural to all human beings, will draw small lights to leave segments of their life.

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from Spoon River Anthology of Edgar Lee Masters