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Theatrical study ispired Rogue economics by L. Napoleoni

Concept and Direction
Enzo Marangelo


Direction Assistant
Piera De Maio


Characters and Performers

69 ~ Nicola De Maio
3 ~ Piera De Piano
6 ~ Felicia Mongiello
4 ~ Antonietta Montanera
3 ~ Maria Napoli
7 ~ Mario Paesano
3 ~ Federica Palo
5 ~ Vincenza Tirri
1 ~ Giusi Verrengia
7 ~ Silvana Vitale

Study, risearch and text adaptation
Renato Siniscalchi
Piera De Piano
Enzo Marangelo


Multimedia processing
Salvatore Scarano


Management assistant
Antonella Angelastro


Stage Director
Gigi Grosso



Scarlett by Alessandra Del Gaudio, GS Abbigliamento

by Angelo Avino


Lights and Sound direction
Massimo Caiafa


Lights and Audio Service
Disco Magic



Direction notes
Numeri is a theatrical study based on the body of the actor. Investigating theater. Civil theater. This work is freely inspired by the theme of the economy and by the consequences and conditionings which affect the global civiliazation. In the age of technology and consumerism we’ve finally taken a number, a mechanical identity. New world order: producing and consuming. We may not need a name and a surname to be identified, but a bar code. We inhabit a planet constantly monitored, controlled by hidden powers which control themselves. We all suspect and control each others. Humanity inhabit spaces – existential mazes – in which we all tracks the same paths and, daily, the same actions and the same altered and ripetitive states of mind. We live in LCD monitors, plotting graphs of elettronic pixels; we oscillate as a result of the development of stock market, drawing lines from humoral %   ±  sign.
In attempt to humanize which metamorphosis we’ll attend?

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