Quad GE

by S. Becket
Geometrie esistenziali

by Enzo Marangelo


Enzo Marangelo


Characters and Performers Quad:
Marina Amabile
Tiziana Maio
Nicola Palladino
Gerardo Santaniello
Sergio Saponara
Francesco Savastano
Manuel Speziali
Pierluigi Toro

Artisti Geometrie Esistenziali:

Idea andTexts:
Federica Palo


Michele Paolillo


Paola Bignardi


Lights and sound:
Massimo Caiafa, Luigi Grosso, Alfredo Micoloni

Direction note:
Quad, abbreviation for Quadrat I +2, is a work for four mimes, the first in a series of minimalist experimental television plays made by Beckett in the 1980s for the broadcaster Süddeutscher Rundfunk and on air in 1981. No words, only mimes movements, the sound of their steps and percussions. While filming, the work was been changed by Beckett himself in matter of costumes, lights, steps, percussions and direction of camera. Used as an exercise during my third workshop about the actor and his body, its interesting evolution and risult convinced me to bring it on stage. About the content, we entrust the interpretation to your very own instinct reaction.